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April Specials

20% OFF the fabulous soap fragrances, while supplies last!


Rose Petals:  Soft, sweet and romantic. A lovely, light Rose that will allow you to enjoy the scent of your Summer garden all year long. 

 $4.00 SALE! 




White Magnolia: A gracefully simple floral fragrance combining the supporting notes of Freesia and Lily of the Valley with  just a hint of grapefruit and sweet plum for a charming and romantic blend.

 $4.00 SALE!

Mimosa: Sweet, ripe Oranges and sparkling Champagne combine for an effervescent, citrus-y fragrance. Not just for Sunday Brunch!

 $4.00 SALE!


Seasonal Clearance

25% OFF while supplies last

Frankincense & Myrrh: A traditional fragrance at Christmas, this scent is a rich and resinous blend of Moroccan Rose, Egyptian Sandalwood, Madagascar Vanilla, East Indian Patchouli with a hint of Cedar, underlined by a touch of Italian Orange and Spanish Cistus, on a sweet musky background. Only here for the holidays!

 $3.75 CLEARANCE (22 in stock)


Orange Pomander: Just for the holidays! Childhood memories of sitting before the fireplace with Grandma on an Autumn afternoon,studding sweet sun-freshOranges with whole Clove Buds, before rolling in a bit of Cinnamon and orrisroot powder, thentying witha pretty ribbon to hang up to dry - scenting the whole room all Winter long.




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